Unexplained Human Disappearance

[Video] Unexplained Human Disappearances Including Zebb Quinn

Unexplained Human Disappearances When Doing Ordinary Daily Things.. What Happened to These People?

It’s enough to make you scared to leave home. This video depicts five normal people going about their business when they suddenly disappear some leaving behind some rather cryptic clues.

The unexplained disappearance of Zebb Quinn

Zebb was an 18 year old man that went missing January2  2000. Zebb worked in Walmart in Asheville North Carolina.

On January 2nd 2000, Zebb finished his shift at Walmart, he and his friend Robert Jason Owens met in the parking lot and both drove separately to look at a vehicle Quinn was contemplating buying. Both young men were caught on a gas station’s surveillance camera at 9.15pm.

Shortly thereafter, Owens said Quinn flashed his headlights indicating he wanted him to pull over. When they were stopped Quinn told Owens he had received a page on his pager and that he needed to return the call so needed a pay phone.

After he made the phone call Owens said Quinn appeared quite upset and frantic stating he had to cancel his plans to look at the vehicle and that he had to go. He drove off rear ending Owen’s vehicle in the process.

Just a few hours later, Quinn was allegedly involve din a second car accident that evening and was taken to hospital suffering from fractured ribs and a head injury.

Quinn was never seen again.¬† Owens remains “a person of interest” into the disappearance of Quinn.

The mysterious part of this unexplained disappearance was the fact Quinn’s car was later found parked near the hospital where him Mom worked, on the back windshield was drawn a pair of lips. Inside the car was a Labrador mix puppy that was very dehydrated and starving along with a hotel card key though police were never able to identify what hotel it belonged to.
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2015 developments

On March 17, 2015, fifteen years after Quinn’s disappearance, Owens was arrested in an unrelated incident for the disappearance and murder of Food Network Star television contestant Christie Schoen Codd as well as her husband Joseph Codd and their unborn child.

In June 2015, detectives investigating Quinn’s disappearance announced they had unearthed “fabric, leather materials, and unknown hard fragments” under a layer of concrete on Owen’s property. The search warrant was initially obtained March 31. According to the warrant, in addition to the fabric, leather and hard fragments, investigators found unknown white powder substance as well as pieces of metal and concrete after digging up the concreted fish pond area. On another part of the property, authorities found “numerous plastic bags containing possibly pulverized lime or powdered mortar mix.” Authorities did not comment on whether the fragments found were human bones or if they believe they discovered Quinn’s remains, citing an ongoing investigation.

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