What Happened to Fred Valentich

[Video] Unexplained Disappearance of Frederick Valentich After He Reported a Strange Craft Toying With Him

Unexplained Disappearance – Missing Pilot & Texas Blue Dogs

On 21 October 1978, Pilot Fred Valentich disappeared while on a training flight in a Cessna 182L light aircraft over Bass Strait in Australia.

Fred reported to Melbourne air traffic control that a strange flying object was flying about 1,000 feet above him. He stated it wasn’t an aircraft as its speeds were too fast for any known aircraft he had ever heard of.  He stated it t had a green light and was a shiny metal object and it appeared to be toying with him.

Shortly after metallic scraping noise was heard and Fred lost radio transmission.

A dramatic air and sea search ensued with no trace of the Cessna or Fred ever being found. Though 5 years later some wing flaps were discovered.

What happened that day? Was Fred the victim of a UFO?

Watch the video below for full details of the Unexplained Disappearance of Fred Valentich on his tragic last flight…


A Department of Transport (DOT) investigation into Valentich’s disappearance was unable to determine the cause, but that it was “presumed fatal” for Valentich. Five years after Valentich’s plane went missing, an engine cowl flap was found washed ashore on Flinders Island. In July 1983, the Bureau of Air Safety Investigation asked The Royal Australian Navy Research Laboratory (RANRL) about the likelihood that the cowl flap might have “traveled” to its ultimate position from the region where the plane disappeared. The bureau noted that “the part has been identified as having come from a Cessna 182 aircraft between a certain range of serial numbers” which included Valentich’s aircraft. The bureau also noted that while it is possible for cowl flaps to separate from aircraft in flight, this had not happened with any recent aircraft…..


UFOlogists have speculated that extraterrestrials either destroyed Valentich’s plane or abducted him, asserting that some individuals reported seeing “an erratically moving green light in the sky” and that he was “in a steep dive at the time.” Ufologists believe these accounts are significant because of the “green light” mentioned in Valentich’s radio transmissions.[9]

Phoenix, Arizona-based UFO group Ground Saucer Watch claim that photos taken that day by plumber Roy Manifold show a fast-moving object exiting the water near Cape Otway lighthouse.[10] Though the pictures were not clear enough to identify the object, UFO groups argue that they show “a bona fide unknown flying object, of moderate dimensions, apparently surrounded by a cloud-like vapor/exhaust residue.”