Levitating girl

[Video] Dog Senses Something and Takes Off, What He Sees Next Is Mind Boggling…Levitating Girl in Woods

Walking Your Dog in The Woods Just Got Hairy…Levitating Girl in Woods

Imagine a nice quiet walk with your dog in the woods. Ambling along, enjoying the fresh air when suddenly the dog is alerted to an unusual event, something triggered his senses and off he runs to investigate.

This is Russia and I don’t speak or understand Russian, but it is clear from the video the man is calling his dog back when he takes off unexpectedly.

Following his dog he discovers the cause of the dog’s surprise… it’s just a child (?) levitating in a clearing. No need to get upset…

The dog barks at the child in the air as he knows this is not possible.. or is it?! Notice how the other girl (mother perhaps?) just pulls down the child and hurries off. No strings, no wires just a person levitating.. now that’s an unusual dog walk!

Maybe she is just a practicing witch and she forgot her broomstick at home…


Watch the video and judge for yourself. Levitating Girl in Woods real or fake?