5 Unexplained Videos

[Video] 5 Incredibly Unusual and Unexplained Videos That Will Stump You

Video Anomalies That Seem to Indicate Time Travel?

Ready to be intrigued? The 5 mysterious and unexplained videos will certainly leave you rubbing your head in disbelief!

With videos being taken everywhere from dash cams to city security cameras it is hard for much to go unnoticed in this day and age. Maybe this is the reason we are capturing so many baffling and inexplicable images.

The video below shows 5 unusual videos, the first was taken from a dash cam in Russia, making a left turn this dash cam captures a car suddenly appearing out of nowhere. The vehicle in front brakes sharply and narrowly avoid sa collision. The video is then slowed down and this car – appears out of nowhere.

Watch and see what you think happens…

Also in this short video are more unusual events, one captured by a police officer who was chasing an erratic driver. The car being chased appears to go through a chain link fence and disappears…

Watch the video below and we’d love to hear your thoughts as to your explanation of the events… if you can find a rational one!