[Video] 2105 UFO Sightings Caught on Video

Unusual Unidentified Flying Objects Caught on Video

I thought we should take a look of up to date information of UFO’s. In the video below we see some unusual sightings of unidentified flying objects. This UFO video compilation are actual sightings from January to February 2015.

The first one is a news report of a UFO caught on video that the woman states was the size of a football field.

The second UFO caught on camera shows an object blazing through the sky, watch at 2mins 19 seconds another object shoots away from the “mother-ship” and shoots off back in the opposite direction.

The next UFO is over Utah and was referred to as a fireball in the sky..

A woman in British Columbia claims to have seen strange lights in the skies over her home in Lumby for three nights in a row. On the third night she asked her son to record the phenomenon with his cell phone camera. You can clearly see the strange lights in the sky and at 4.17 you see the light shoot backwards suddenly which eliminates it being just an airplane…

Canada is also a hot spot for UFO activity and there are many more UFO videos showing strange images caught on camera.

Watch the video below and let us know your thoughts on the strange objects captured in our night skies…