Bigfoot Evidence

[Video] 2015 Bigfoot Documentary Discovers New Bigfoot Evidence

2015 Bigfoot Documentary Brings New Proof Bigfoot’s Exist!

Bigfoot is one of the most recognized creatures in the whole world, yet scientists refuse to believe in its existence despite tons of photographic evidence and many eye witness reports.

Reports of Bigfoot sightings happen world-wide with each area or country having its own term for Bigfoots, yeti, sasquatch etc.

In America, reports of Bigfoot sightings happen throughout the country however the epicentre seems to be Washington state with over 800 documented sightings and many not reported as eye-witnesses do not want to fall under the ridicule of their neighbors.

Bigfoot is often described as humanlike but also apelike creature that walks upright, standing seven to nine or ten feet tall with broad shoulders and covered in hair.

The documentary below shows two expeditions that Monster Quest will embark on to validate the existence of Bigfoot.

The video also enhances the Patterson Bigfoot footage using new technology and the results are startling…

Watch the Bigfoot documentary now…