[Video] 10 Unexplained Miracles From Around The World That Baffles Science

10 Worldwide Unexplained Miracles That Continue to Baffle Scientists

Marie BernadetteBernadeta Sobirós, known as Marie Bernadette was born  7 January 1844  and died 16 April 1879. Marie was the firstborn daughter of a miller from Lourdes, France, and is venerated as a Christian mystic and Saint in the Catholic Church.

Marie was best known for the Marian apparitions that were seen near a garbage dump in Massabielle from 1 February and 16 July 1858. Marian was later to state she was the Immaculate Conception, the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Marie was bale to get the Catholic church to build a chapel at the site despite their initial skepticism. This site went on to become the pilgrimage site at Lourdes where over 5 million pilgrims visit annually.

Since her death her body has remained incorrupt, which means her body did not decay is is usually the case. After three exhumations they noticed a bit of skin discoloration so wax casts were taken of her hands and hands to preserve her appearance and they were placed over her when she was finally laid to rest in 1925 in a crystal reliquary in June 1925

Why  was  Marie’s body preserved? Most believe it’s an unexplained  miracle.

Watch this video now and see the 10 unexplained miracles that remain unanswered to this day…