Unexplained Paranormal Events The Pollock Twins

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10 Scariest Unexplained Paranormal Events And Mysteries That Prove We Will Live Again…?

There is so many things we have yet to fully understand and explain. Scientists poo-poo the possibility of spirits, ghosts and reincarnation but how then can they interpret the many unexplained paranormal events that occur the world over?

Take for example the following unexplained mystery.

Pollock Twin Sisters Mystery

On May 5th 1957, sisters, Joanna 11yrs old and Jacqueline 6 yrs old were tragically knocked down and killed on their way to church, along with their friend Anthony Layden.

In October 1958, Florence Pollock the children’s mother gave birth to a set of twin girls that they named Gillian and Jennifer.

The mystery of the “reincarnated twins” deepens when it is revealed Jennifer bears a scar similar to one Jacqueline had from falling off her trike at 2yrs of age. She also has an identical birthmark in the exact same place that Jacqueline  had…

Obviously this is more than coincidence. How can a child be born with scars and a birthmark identical to a “lost child?”

To add to the mystery the girls were given dolls owned by Joanne and Jacqueline and they instantly knew the names of the dolls…

Moving away from their hometown of Hexham when the girls were just 3 months old,  the family went back for a visit some four years later only for the girls to comment, that this is where they used to go to school and the playground is around the back. They also knew place names when they were just babes in arms when they left the area

Strange indeed considering the twins themselves had never even attended that school!

One final bit of this puzzle happened when the girls were just 5 yrs of age, they walked past an idling car and became visibly upset and quite hysterical, they screamed the car was coming to hit them…  quite extraordinary as this was the final moments of their previous lifetime.

Thankfully since then the memories of their past lives have faded and they are able to live a relatively normal and happy life.

Reincarnation or just strange coincidences? You decide…

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