[Video] 10 Images Taken Seconds Before Tragedy Takes Their Lives

10 Cases Where Pictures Were Taken Just Before Tragedy Struck

Everyone on this planet now seems to have a smart phone with cameras and the act of taking “selfies” is commonplace.

For those of you that must be living under a rock these past few years a “selfie” is a picture taken of yourself. These “selfies” are generally then shared with friends and social media.

Kids in particular like to try and get some good selfie images with exciting background images. For example, us oldies may take a selfie with Niagara Falls behind us or the Eiffel tower.

Youths of today would be bored with that and therefore try to push the boundaries unfortunately ending in their tragic death…

Not all of the ten images in this video are selfies though, but the tragic death of two beautiful young girls in the video are directly linked to taking selfies, and in one case Facebook has been deemed to be the cause.

Another sad incident in this video was a band’s stupid “effects” that caused a massive fire that killed over 100 people…

This video is upsetting but a good reminder to our youth to avoid doing stupid things in order to get a “good” selfie to post on Facebook.. watch now..