(Video) 10 Creepiest Unexplained Trail Cam Photos

Trail Cam Photos Capture Strange Unexplained Trail Cam Photo Images

This video alleges 10 inexplicable things caught on trail cams but I think a few are faked. If you look at the “strange” humanoid image why couldn’t this be a person out in the woods at night that triggered the trail cam?

I think the UFO sighting the deer noticed (it said the deer saw it but he is facing the camera not the lights) and I believe the lights are car headlights…

The last image of the Goatman, this doesn’t look real and notice he is allegedly bending down by a human body? It looks like the work of hoaxers trying to get attention and fame.

I do believe trail cams can catch animals that we have never even seen before. Some areas are very remote and to this day we are still discovering new species, so why not Bigfoot? There are been too many genuine sightings not to believe something unexplained exists out there…