Randy Cramer Super Soldier

US Marine Capt. Randy Cramer – Life On Mars

Randy Cramer Super Soldier on Mars

In April 2014 Randy Cramer, also known as Capt. Kaye USMC special section, came forward to disclose some fascinating events that took place when he was just 17 years of age in 1987.

Randy’s states that during sleep one night, his bedroom became lit up with a brilliant white light which awakened him. Two “men in black” came out of the bright light and physically took him from his bedroom.

What happens next was an extremely fascinating yet strange event. Randy said he was taken to a place where some 40 other young adults were present. They too had been taken. They all boarded a triangular spaceship which took them into space.

Whilst this seems to be the vivid imagination of a young adult, it gets even stranger. As the craft left our atmosphere the group was told to look out the window to see the curve of the earth as they left it behind, they were told that their mission was to protect Earth.

Randy states the craft landed on the moon where he observed many structures dome-shaped along with tall buildings. The story correlates to many other reports of a base camp on the far side of the moon. Apollo astronauts also claimed to have seen this camp.

The bizarre story doesn’t end there. Randy Cramer claims he then boarded another flight which took him to Mars. When he exited the craft he said he knelt down and scooped up a handful of the earth just to prove to himself it was a real event.

He states that the atmosphere on Mars is breathable, and temperature could get quite warm times.

He was told that he would spend 20 years as a super soldier and his job was to help protect the earth. Randy claims to have spent 17 years on Mars three years in a secret space fleet.


Randy’s 17 years on Mars were spent protecting five top-secret colonies. Randy claims he was part of the Earth Defence Force which guarded five colonies of human beings.

Randy’s training apparently took place on the moon. Capt. Kaye (Randy) also states that former Sec. of defence Donald Rumsfeld is a space traveller also and he presided over Randy’s retirement celebrations on the moon.

Strange as this all might seem others have come forward with similar claims.

Randy awoke back in his bed knowing something had taken place and yet he had no memory of what had transpired.

He was aware however he felt older in himself even though physically nothing had changed. He appeared to be the same 17 year old youth,  yet he certainly didn’t feel the same.

It was only later when memories started coming back to him that he realized he had been part of the secret mission set up by the secret space military program which was established to protect the earth.


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Randy says that between the ages of 27 and 30 he began to get glimpses what had occurred earlier in his lifetime. He claims to have been truly shocked as the memories unfolded. Initially he stated it was akin to Swiss cheese just pockets of memory which he attempted to decipher.

Many people have asked him why it was a 20 year tour of duty, to which he replied it was because we are very expensive.

You can read the full details of Randy’s experiences on his website and in his newsletters.

When computer hacker Gary McKinnon hacked the US government and NASA computer systems he discovered evidence of non-terrestrial beings in the Secret Based Military Program.

As incredible as these claims appear to be on the surface it is now believed that what Randy Cramer experienced was time travel, like a worm hole this enable them to travel to and from the Earth and Mars in a short space of time.

A new area 51 is thought to be ground zero for intergalactic space missions. Recent satellite imagery dated June 30 appear to show a new giant hangar. Mystery continues to surround this military base.

Other individuals have come forward confirming the existence secret bases on Mars, one such person is the great-granddaughter of Pres. Eisenhower, Laura Magdalene Eisenhower. Laura claims efforts were made to recruit her to join a colony on Mars.

Where does the truth end and fiction begin?