Phoenix Lights

Unsolved Mystery – The Phoenix Lights UFO Sighting

The Phoenix Lights Mystery Also Known As Lights Over Phoenix

Thursday March 13th 1997, between 7.30pm and 10.30pm an unusual sighting described as lights in the sky was observed in Phoenix Arizona and Sonora Mexico by thousands of residents.

Coherently-moving dark triangular light formations were witnessed in the night skies over the area, a huge V-shaped unidentified flying object said to be about 1500 feet in length the size of several football fields.

The UFO was silent, it emitted no sound and at times the stars were illuminated on the underside of the UFO. This was later described as being technology using camouflage to conceal its size and shape.

The Governor of Arizona at the time, Fife Symington, admitted to having observed the strange object himself that night and he ridiculed the idea it was an alien craft. Some years later however, he admitted the lights he say the night of March 13th was “otherworldly” and he admitted to having seen another “UFO.”

The unique thing about the Phoenix Lights is the fact there were multiple witnesses, all witnesses drew a similar shaped craft when asked to describe their experience.

Also, with multiple witnesses in all areas of Arizona and Mexico coming forward with their sightings we were finally able to track the flight path of this unidentified flying object.

All agreed it flew silently and at a low altitude.

Watch this video (2013) update on the Phoenix Lights Mystery