the Voynich Manuscript

Unexplained, Unsolved Mysteries That Modern Technology Shows to Be Even More Extraordinary Than Ever!

Unsolved Mysteries Become Even More Inexplicable When DNA and Scientific Testing Discovers Unusual Substances

Captain Kirk, err William Shatner takes us on a journey of some very weird and strange events that have taken place around the world.

Take for instance the very intriguing Egyptian mummies that are being  carefully investigated by German scientists. They found evidence of cocaine in the hair and samples taken from the Egyptian mummies, yet, cocaine comes from the coca plant only ever grown in South America. Did the Egyptians travel the 32,000 miles to South America to get coca plants ? If so they how did they travel across the Atlantic in their rather primitive boats? So we are back at square one, where did they get cocaine?

Further studies of Peruvian mummies discovered they too were found to have evidence of cocaine. Cocaine was said to relieve pain and could possibly be used for medicinal purposes.

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 Voynich Manuscript  MS408

Pages from the Voynich ManuscriptThis is an intriguing hand-written illustrated velum manuscript  that has been baffling experts since it first came to light. Named the Voynich Manuscript after Wilfrid Voynich, a Polish rare  book dealer who purchased it in 1912 from a Jesuit library near Rome.

Carbon dating  in 2009 of the velum dates it to the early 15th century, and it is believed it was composed during the Italian Renaissance in Northern Italy. The author has never been revealed and experts for the past one hundred years have struggled to decipher its contents.

The manuscript contains images of unidentified plants, strange astrological symbols and even more curious, text in a strange code or language that even expert code-breakers cannot decipher.

The Voynich Manuscript clearly took many hours of painstaking work to create its pages so there must surely be a reason for it all. Many think it holds the answer to many of our world’s problems.

Many believe it is a type of pharmaceutical book outlining treatments for various health issues.