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Unexplained Images of Time Travelers – Can We Time Travel?

Time Travel Exists Images ‘Prove’ Time Travel Is Possible

Time travel is the ability to travel to different points in time both past and future. Is it really possible to travel in time?

Theoretically it is possible. Anyone interested in the paranormal or the Spirit World will learn that time is only a method used by us on the earth plane. “Time” both past, present and future is they say existing all at once. This is a hard concept for us to comprehend.

For us here and now, we consider yesterday our past, today our present and tomorrow our future. Yet is the future already written? How can psychic mediums predict what will happen to us in the future?

Charlie Chaplin Era Cell Phone User?

1928 video footage and images from Charlie Chaplin film “The Circus.” On the bonus DVD there appears a woman holding and taking into something. On further inspection it is shown to be a thin black device that looks remarkably like a modern cell phone… or is it a 1920’s hearing aid as claimed by many but why does she appear to be talking…

Watch the original video from the bonus DVD collection..

How Can We Prove ‘Time Travel?’

Like sightings of Bigfoot, proving time travel is quite another thing!

I have dug out some amazing images and videos of what appears to be photographs taken with some time travelers included!


Time Travel Images

Hipster Time Travel

1941 South Fork Bridge in Gold Bridge, British Columbia Bridge Re-opening Ceremony

This authentic photograph shows what appears to be a modern man that stands out against the other individuals that are dressed appropriately for the time period. Skeptics say the style of sunglasses were available from 1920 and his T-shirt is not screen-printed it is wool. What do you think?

Source Wiki

Modern Mohawk Man in 1905?

Modern Mohawk Man

When: 1905 Who: a punk rocker. This guy was clearly a total amateur. He doesn’t look anything like anyone else in the photo! He’s got the Mohawk haircut (and whoever heard of Mohawks on white guys before 1970?), plus he’s wearing a white short sleeved shirt and everyone else is in long sleeves and jackets and hats.

Source CoolInterestingStuff

John Titor, Time Traveler ( or Nut Job?)

John Titor is the name used by this person online via forums and bulletin boards. John claimed to be from the future, coming back for a few things to resolve some issues…

In Later 2000 “TimeTravel_0″ appeared from nowhere !  well actually he claimed to have appeared from the future, 2036 to be exact.  He claimed he was here on his way back to the 70’s to to retrieve an IBM 5100 computer (above) which he said was needed to “debug” various legacy computer programs in 2036; a reference to theUNIX year 2036 problem…..

During his communications he revealed details of his time machine, Titor provided a number of technical specs regarding how time travel worked, with overly complex algorithms and grainy, hard-to-make-out photos of his actual machine. (Which, yes, of course, was an automobile: a 1987 Chevy Suburban.) He even showed off his cool futuristic military insignia….

During 2001 all posts and communications ended, leading many to suspect that the time traveler had “jumped” to another time, perhaps to collect his much needed IBM computer…..

Also, the claims made about the IBM 5100 are true, a fact that was unknown to the majority of people.

Part of John Titor’s Time Machine

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Time Machine Image

Psychic Mediums Predict Future With Visions and Information

psychic mediumsIt happened to me. I had a psychic reading from a very good Medium and she told me events that were going to happen to me a year or more into the future. These events did come to pass.

To be honest I had forgotten about her predictions when one in particular came to pass that caused me to remember all she had said.

I was racing through a field in a blind panic as my children had run home and told me my youngest son had fallen and split his head open.

As I ran like a crazy woman I suddenly recalled the Medium’s words, “ Your son is going to fall and receive a head wound, but don’t panic! Head wounds bleed a lot and it is nothing to worry about. She said when this happens I want you to relax and not panic. He is going to be fine”

Well as I raced to the scene I remembered her words vividly and instantly calmed down.

As I approached my child, I noticed a man had him on his knee, he instantly said “It’s ok don’t worry there’s a lot of blood but it’s just a small cut ” and he was just fine!

Later I sat down and remembered all the medium had said, and absolutely everything had happened exactly as she had said right down to me having to take a bath in an old bathroom, ‘looking for spiders.’ (I hate spiders)

So this medium had seen into the future, did she time travel? We can never prove this but the fact she and many other psychics and mediums can see into the past and future makes us believe that whilst we have free will, many things are mapped out for us.

This to me is a fascinating subject. Over the years I have come across some very weird and exciting stories about time travel and I will be sharing them here on this site.

If you have seen information or images of time travel that you would like to share please send them to us along with the source links. We always credit the source