The Man With Two Faces Edward Mordake (also known as Edward Mordrake)

Humans Born With Two Faces

Edward Mordake was thought to be an heir to an English peerage, he was born two faces. The face at the back of his head was unable to eat or speak out loud however it was seen to smile and even sneer when Edward was upset and crying. Edward allegedly referred to it as his demon face…

The earliest known reference to the Mordake case was an 1895 Boston Post article written by Charles Lotin Hildreth. In this article he describes a number of “human freaks of nature” a woman who had a tail of the fish a man with the body of a spider, and man who was half crab and Edward Mordake the man with two faces.
An 1896 medical encyclopedia, anomalies and curiosities of medicine include an account of Edward Mordake.

In this article Mordake was described as being a profound scholar, a musician of rare ability and a young man of fine attainments. Edward spent most of his time in seclusion refusing to even receive visits from family members.

Edward begged Drs. to remove his second face as he said it spoke to him at night, but doctors were not even attempt to. Sadly Edward committed suicide is 23 years of age

Mordake’s condition is similar to that of Chang Tzu Ping, a 20th century Chinese man who successfully had his second face surgically removed.
The question is, did Mordake actually exist or was it purely fiction?

If you look at all the images depicting Edward Mordake online it would appear that these are all wax replicas created by artists to enable us to visualize what Mordake would have looked like.

No photograph actually exists of Edward Mordake that I could find. The article in the medical encyclopedia takes its information from the Boston Post article written by Charles Lotin Hildreth. They claim that the article is based on lay information however no sources were named.

Medically speaking it is possible for someone to be born with two faces as evidenced by Chang Tzu Ping who suffered the same condition.
Did Edward Mordake exist? I’d say in all probability he did. What do you think?

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