Great Lake Triangle

The Great Lake Triangle

The Great Lake Triangle Surpasses The Bermuda Triangle For Unexplained Disappearances

There have been so many unusual disappearances of planes and ships in the great lake triangle that all traffic in the great lake area must report continuously to traffic control stations.

Just a ten second lapse in communication, will launch a full-scale search and rescue operation. This is incredible but proof that the area certainly has some unusual and unexplained disappearances.

Despite this, there are still instances of unexplained disasters and mysterious tragedies.

Planes disappear from radar at 5,000 feet while being in contact with air traffic control. Nothing  has ever been found and we have no clue as to what happened.

On April 23 1973, Robert Joy Jr ( Bob) of Michigan, a policeman, pilot and a professor of criminology, watched his father vanish from the skies.

Flying over Lake Erie in a separate plane a few hundred feet away from his father’s Lake Amphibian  plane, Bob was in constant contact with his Dad and had full sight of his plane. His father said something Bob didn’t understand, the frequency they were on was congested, so he looked back his Dad’s plane and saw it has vanished. No trace was ever found. Lake Erie was calm that day and there was nothing that would indicate a plane crash.

Whilst most people would think, okay a small aircraft could easily be lost in the vast size of the great lakes, but the unexplained disappearances in the great lake triangle even include huge laker boats, ships that are fully equipped with every conceivable safety measure.

The Edmund Fitzgerald is one such boat that disappeared in Lake Superior, despite being  operated in tandem with the Anderson…one minute it was there and the next it completely disappeared. It sank to the bottom with a sudden convulsion, with all hands…

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