Spanish tunnel

Spanish Tunnel CCTV Camera Footage Shows Multiple Accidents Happening.. Paranormal?

CCTV Footage Shows Multiple Accidents in this Spanish Tunnel

Accidents happen, we know there are what we term ‘black spots’ where multiple road traffic accidents happen. The policy is generally to discover why they happen, to slow traffic down and to do everything possible to help prevent further accidents at these ‘black spots.’

Here we have video footage of numerous accidents happening in a tunnel in Spain. The video title is ‘Que mierda pasa en esta carretera’which translates to “Shit happens on this road

You are darn tooting shit happens on this road! Just take a look at the video and see if you can explain what happened at 58 seconds. Watch carefully, the truck is going down the road with nothing in front of it, at 59 seconds he swerves, at 60 seconds a second truck appears out of nowhere. What the heck happened?

Some believe there is a second tunnel going in the opposite direction, okay that makes sense but on the video it shows doorways and windows so I would assume there are rooms between the roadways…

I think traffic should be slowed down in this tunnel or underpass. I sure wouldn’t want to use it, would you?

Watch the video and comment below on what you think is going on here..