Bill Clinton Suppressed Shocking Video Documentary

Shocking Video Documentary Discusses Bill Clinton’s Involvement in Drug Laundering and Other Crimes

Suppressed shocking video documentary claims Bill Clinton and Elected officials guilty of corruption, explosive allegations against Bill Clinton when he was governor of Arkansas

This video is allegedly called the Clinton Chronicles, it depicts a life of sleaze, crime including drug importation, smuggling and selling, money laundering and a ton of other offenses.. including murder.

According to the video it appears that Bill Clinton abused his position as Governor of Arkansas and used public money to be chaperoned and ‘guarded’ when visiting dozens of women for sleazy assignations. It is also alleged he used cocaine and was even admitted to hospital for drug related issues.

A member of the public who just happened to have a security camera installed, apparently captured Bill Clinton ‘s  many visits to his new neighbor.. and when the allegations came out of Bill’s indiscretions, he vehemently denied he had ever visited this woman. Oddly enough the gentleman received a visit from officials who demanded the video recordings.. he handed them over then he was severely beaten up and left for dead…

As you will see in the video, anyone that spoke up about what they witnessed apparently then committed ‘suicide’… or were promoted to well-paid jobs..

 Watch the whole video and decide for yourself.. be sure to watch the end to see what happened to people in this video that spoke up!!!