Dr Laurin Bellg NDE's

Near-Death Experiences in the Intensive Care Unit

Near-Death Experiences in the ICU

Doctors and nurses have long been aware of unusual events patients experience during clinical death or sudden tragic events. However, most refrain from discussing these for fear of being labeled as mentally unstable or even worse. They are scared of putting their reputation on the line for fear of ridicule. Yet so many people claim to have spiritual experiences during clinical death that it surely cannot be ignored any more.

Thankfully we live in an age where we can openly discuss and share these extraordinary experiences in order to learn and grow spiritually.

It is therefore very refreshing to watch this video where Laurin Bellg speaks openly about her experiences as an intensive care physician working in the critical care unit.

Did Anything Unusual Happen? This is the question Laurin began asking her patients after they were resuscitated from clinical death.

Watch the video below as Dr Laurin Bellg discusses many of her patient’s claims to near death experiences, or NDE’s

Please Note: The first 15 seconds of this video are audio-only the video will start after those few seconds.

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