Native American Skin Walker

Native American Skinwalkers Caught on Camera

Strange Creatures Seem to Walk Among Us…

A Native American legend describes skin-walkers as a person with a natural ability to assume any shape or character it desires. They believe that in order to make this transformation happen the person needs to wear the pelt of the animal they wish to become.

In modern times, the Native American’s believe the person no longer wears a pelt  to necessitate the transformation as this would  make it obvious to anyone witnessing the hybrid that it is indeed a skinwalker.

Legends similar to this are found world-wide, in many cultures and anthropologists often refer to them as shape-shifters.

In the video below we see some very strange, creepy images for sure.

Are they shape-shifters or skin-walkers? Whatever they are if they are real they are truly frightening..

The last images on the video are truly mind-blowing, what are they?

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