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Mysterious Alaskan Sasquatch Sightings of the Alexander Archipelago

Hundreds of Sasquatch or Bigfoot Sightings in Southeast Alaska

Witnesses to strange and mysterious creatures in the remote areas of Alaska are documented in the video below.

Thomas Fisher, a fisherman that visits wild and remote parts of Alaska, tells of his encounter with a Bigfoot. As he visited Yakobi Cove in Southeast Alaska he anchored his boat for the night. He and his deckhand Oliver noticed a huge grizzly bear hunting on the beach nearby. Grizzly bears are the most feared predator in Alaska.

Thomas stated he had seen this bear before on his many fishing trips to the area. He said it was a massive bear, at least eleven feet tall when on his hind legs. For over ten minutes hey kept a wary eye on the bear when they noticed his behavior suddenly change. He says the bear seemed to freeze aware danger was imminent then it took off at high speed into the brush.

This was highly unusual behavior for such a huge beast so it caught Thomas and Oliver’s attention.

Out of the brush walked a big creature Thomas had never seen in the wilds of Alaska before, walking upright the Bigfoot walked into a clearing and stood staring at Thomas and Oliver…

Thomas initially thought it was a bear but then realized this looked like a man but was hairy.. and a bear cannot walk on two feet for as long as this Bigfoot did.

Watch this documentary as it described Thomas’s encounter and much more…