Butterfly people

Guardian Angels, The Butterfly People

During A Tornado Many Witnesses Spoke of Butterfly People Protecting Them

I have to admit this seemed to have passed me by, I was unaware of the Angels, commonly called the Butterfly People or cryptids by all who encountered them. I was watching the History channel and saw a documentary about a tornado that devastated Joplin Missouri in 2011. It’s such an amazing story I thought I would share it here.

One woman was in her car with one of her children when her older son called to tell his mother he could see a tornado in the distance. The mother replied it was a beautiful sunny day and he must be mistaken. He told her to turn the radio on there was  a tornado warning…

Actually an F5 tornado hit Joplin Missouri  which is the most powerful tornado with speeds of 200 miles per hour.

The woman hurried home to her children and as she left her vehicle it started to hail and the wind picked up.

Hurriedly she took her seven children into a small closet and they sheltered there, the woman began praying for help and protection for her family. When the tornado hit it took the roof off their house and they cowered under the full force of the tornado, she said her daughters glasses shattered on her face. Naturally they thought this was the end…

However her son looked up at the skies and said there was a white woman with wings and she was covering the hole in the room they were in with her wings. He said he saw debris flying about and hitting this “butterfly woman” but she stayed there protecting them from harm.

The tornado passed and the family were all unharmed, they left their room and were astonished to find their house was completely demolished, all except for the closet they had taken shelter in.

If these were the only witnesses of butterfly people then it would be “imagination” though how this can be when the entire area was flattened but for their closet…

On the scene medical aid arrived to help the injured and to search for people trapped. One nurse said she was tending to injured people when a butterfly person came and wrapped their wings around the people in a manner of comfort and protection.

She said they were larger than us humans but with wings and at first she wasn’t sure what to make of them but they didn’t instill fear in her. She moved on to a man with a wooden stake through his chest, she knew he was dying and she couldn’t do anything for him but she noticed another butterfly person with him, comforting him. The man was obviously distressed and wanted her to find his wife who had been buried in the remains of their home. She said he died in her arms with the butterfly person present.

They did recover his wife and she was unhurt. The nurse saw many butterfly people comforting the people that were walking around in shock.

As the search and rescue found more people and bodies, a unit was set up to help give counseling to the people of the area especially the children. What became a recurring theme the counselors noted were the children talking about the beautiful butterfly people that protected them from harm.

This area is a “Bible” belt area and it would have been expected for these people to refer to their saviors as angels, but none of them did. Everyone called them Butterfly People.

This is a truly fascinating subject to know we are protected when such an event happens…and for so many people to claim having seen the exact same thing.

I managed to find a video that talks more about this phenomenon… it is quite fascinating!

Watch the video now to hear more amazing stories of the Butterfly people..

As you can see from this image, the F5 Tornado that hit Joplin Missouri left a devastating trail behind.