Near Death Experience

Dead Child Comes Back to Life Having Seen The Other Side

Child Tells Mother Of Seeing His Father On Other Side

There are simply thousands of stories on the internet of people experiencing NDE’s, being technically dead yet being revived and having incredible tales to recall, as do I.

Some professionals say it’s caused by the lack of oxygen to the brain but I disagree wholeheartedly having had this happen to a family member. We all have our own beliefs and I totally respect that and one day we shall all be witness to what really happens after death.

From my own personal experience, my father “died” in hospital but they managed to revive him. He had a wonderful experience whereby his  deceased brother-in-law came to show him Heaven and what awaited him. For years my father wanted so much to believe but he was extremely skeptical, he needed a personal experience to prove to him life after death was real, so it was even more revealing that he should be taken there before he passed.

My father said it was the most beautiful place he had ever seen the colors were just so much brighter and vivid than we see them here on the earth plane. He said now he fully understood why we were here and what the bigger plan was. He said my mother would remarry and that was fine with him, he said she had things to accomplish in her lifetime.

Then he told us that his brother-in-law would be back for him that very night and this time he was going to stay there. He was excited and really looking forward to going as the Afterlife was such a peaceful and beautiful place to be.

My mother hurriedly went to have a talk to his doctors and they confirmed that my dad had died in the night, his heart had stopped for several minutes but they had managed to revive him.

Needless to say, my father passed away peacefully in the early morning of the next day, entirely as he predicted. Stories like mine abound. I love to hear similar stories so we can share with skeptics to help make their transitions easier.

This story caught my eye, a family coming home from Church were broadsided by an ambulance. The father was killed at the scene, they discovered the boy’s lifeless body hidden in the back of their vehicle…

The mother recounts the accident and the child’s experience in the video below…

If you or a family member would like to share your experiences with NDE’s (near death experiences) we would love to share them on this website to help encourage others to trust in there being a reason for us being here and having so many issues top deal with.

What are your beliefs? Do you believe we all will be together in the Afterlife? or do you think we live we die…and there’s nothing waiting beyond physical death?