Carnac Standing Stones

Carnac Megalithic Standing Stones

3,000+ Stunning Carved Standing Stones That Continue to Baffle Scientists To This Day!

I love the History channel, as you may know by now 🙂 But I discover new and fascinating things that are truly “out of this world.” The Carnac standing stones are located in Carnac, Brittany in Northern France. They are the largest collection of standing stones in the world and are believed to date back to the Neolithic period some 3300 to 4500 BC..

These massive standing stones are the only standing stones visible from space which has led many theorists to believe they were some sort of landmark for alien visitors…

For a moment for those that don’t believe in little green aliens visiting our planet let’s take a look at the Carnac stones and investigate the mystery on how these huge stones, some weighing as much as 330 tons were placed in such an alignment.

Modern man has tried to move similar stones and it simply cannot be done, even with our modern equipment it is impossible to lift these enormous standing stones.
Watch this video to see some of the precise carvings at the Carnac Standing Stones…

For a moment, let’s pass on how these stones came to be situated in perfect alignments… there’s another even more mysterious factor to consider.

The Carnac stones are carved with precise rectangular holes and some have inset carvings which are exact and sharp edged. Scientists are baffled as to how people were able to chisel away at the stones with such precision when modern day tools and technology cannot replicate their carvings. Yes, even if we used computers and set them to carve with diamond tipped tools we still cannot get the precision the Neolithic man created.

How did they do it? Many believe it was technology from aliens that helped them create these masterpieces. But why? What is their purpose?

Visitors to the area claim to feel immense energy when they visit these ancient sites. Is it some sort of psychic vortex?

We always think of ourselves as more advanced and enlightened with our computers and information at our fingertips yet even as “advanced” as we feel, we cannot explain this phenomenon.

Maybe these ancient sites are here to let us know we are not alone and we are indeed being visited by peoples that are far more advanced than us… maybe they even walk among us.