Area 51 – Interview With A Grey Alien

Area 51 –Stunning Proof of Alien Beings

If the video below is genuine, it will prove once and for all the aliens exist earth, and we are not alone. Area 51, Nevada is a restricted military area believed to be a control center for alien contact.


Area 51 is a research base that the government categorically denied its existence however more individuals are beginning to relay events that occurred during their term at the base.

The video below depicts footage of top-secret researchers, some with security levels reportedly 38 above top-secret, boarding a Boeing 737 to be flown to area 51 on a daily basis.

Surely something significant must be occurring at area 51 for the sheer number of experts that are flown to and fro each day.

In the video Robert Lazar, a physicist claims he was hired to back engineer the propulsion system of strange saucer like objects in 1989. He Says the US government were test flying these alien objects. He claims to have worked on one however there are nine housed in area 51.

“It was a very sleek thin looking flying saucer shaped craft, there were nine in total, I only essentially got to work, back engineer, analyse one of the craft. It was very plain, it’s all one solid colour, a greyish pewter, the same color as the outside of the craft and there were no sharp corners anywhere. Every device in the craft seat, the amplifier housings, everything has a rounded corner on it almost as if it was fashioned out of wax and then slightly melted to everything curved everywhere, even where the ceiling meets the floor on the end everything has a curve to it….”

Robert Lazar

Robert goes on to say that there were three levels lower-level housing the amplifiers the main level where you into the craft seats and amplifiers and a third level which was a small area that he was refused access to.

He stated “Absolutely an alien craft no doubt about it.”

Watch this fascinating video to see the real interview with a grey alien…