UFO coverup

Do Aliens Exist? 5 Signs and Strong Evidence They Do

5 Signs We Are Not Alone

Ancient hieroglyphics depict objects that were not in existence in their day. Many also depict space ships…

Astronauts are told if they see any UFO’s that they are not to relay this info and certainly never tell the public. However, many astronauts have disclosed publicly they have witnesses other aliens and their ships..

According to unconfirmed reports, on the 21st July 1969 Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, Neil and Buzz saw unidentified flying objects shortly after their moon landing.

Otto Binder, a former NASA employee, allegedly stated that unnamed radio hams were able to bypass NASA’s broadcasting outlets and picked up an odd conversation between the astronauts and NASA.. hear the conversation at 4.01 in the video below…

Dr. Edgar Mitchell an astronaut who participated in the Apollo 14 space mission in 1971. During his two space missions he spent over 30 hours on the moon’s surface. Dr. Mitchell stated he was aware of several UFO visits during his career, however each one had been covered up by NASA.

Mitchell said workers at the space agency described aliens as little people that looked very strange to us. Dr. Mitchell also stated that the alien’s technology is far superior to ours and that had they been hostile we’d be gone by now.

This is something I have always maintained. With their superior craft and technology if they had any malicious intent we simply couldn’t compete with them. And, they know this.

Some believe the aliens are assisting us and monitoring our technology. Others believe they are helping us advance technologically, what do you believe?

Officials from NASA did respond to Dr. Mitchell’s statement saying that NASA does not track UFO’s and is not involved in any sort of cover-up about alien life on this planet or anywhere in the universe.

Watch the video for more details – be sure to watch the “Men in Black” video at 9 minutes