Two Alien Greys Visible on Craft

Aliens Caught On Camera Navigating The Moon’s Surface

Alien Craft Caught On Camera With two Extra-Terrestrials in The Cockpit


Video footage of an alien spacecraft hovering over the moon,  taken by an American researcher in Turkey. A close up of the UFO shows two aliens known and Greys, in what is most likely the cockpit.

The following evening a different UFO appeared and the night following that the same craft appeared again this time with just one “pilot” visible in the cockpit.

What is this enormous disc shaped craft that seems to be hovering or navigating over our moon on a regular basis? The footage was captured by British videographer, John Lawson using a special telescope.

If you have seen our previous video where astronauts claimed to clearly see buildings and alien craft on the lunar surface, and NASA told them to just ignore them then you will understand the video below is not news to most of us. Aliens are indeed working on or using our moon for their own purposes.

Of particular interest to me was at 1:40 in the video below where it appears some form of extra-terrestrial was captured by the Solar Dynamics Observatory satellite on March 11 2012. An earth sized disc appears to be extracting plasma from the corona of our sun’s surface. After several hours, the dark orb seems to pull away .

Experts are baffled although they do say it makes sense as a lot of UFO’s seem to be encircled with plasma-like energy so it would make sense that they would need a supply of it. Their crafts are probably fueled or charged by plasma.

At 3 minutes into the video there’s an image of a structure like pyramid on the moon. Experts differ in their opinion but it is certainly a very interesting debate! What do you think?

Watch the video below now and let us know your thoughts!