Earth Like Planets Discovered

Alien Contact 2016

We Are Certainly Not Alone – Alien Contact Stepping Up a Notch?

An interesting look at our universe and other galaxies with new planets being discovered on a regular basis as our technology gets better.

The possibility of life is now seriously being considered by many governments. Recently, astromers gathered with congress to discuss the possibility of extra-terrestrial life citing the sheer size of the universe.
Earth Like Planets Discovered

They estimated one out of five stars harbor an earth-like planet, and there are trillions of stars in the cosmos.

There are tens of billions of potential inhabited stars out there and that doesn’t even take into consideration the moons and galaxies similar to our own.

Seth Shostak, senior astronomer at California’s SETI Institute states our galaxy that we see every night has over 100 billion stars and they believe a billion of them have earth-like planets going around them.

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