Hierglyphics of ancients helicopters

5 Signs Of Aliens and Alien Life From Our Ancestors to Modern Day

5 Strong  Signs Of Aliens and Alien Life Are All Around Us…

Do aliens really walk among us?

Most of us have our own personal beliefs, however this video does highlight some important facts that are not easily disproved.

Let’s first look at the link between ancient Egyptians and extra terrestrials. It has long been known that ancient Egyptians appeared to have knowledge beyond their earthly experiences.

Hieroglyphics have been know to show images of strange alien spacecraft and future space craft that we recognize today. Back when these images were etched in stone they must have appeared rather far fetched. Or did they have access to information that we have not…?

This fascinating subject has intrigued many researchers for years. Were we visited by aliens that helped in our advancement? Or did these alien beings begin to inhabit our planet with their knowledge that was way beyond anything we could have perceived that the time.

In the image of 2-3,000 year old hieroglyphics, we can clearly see images representing a helicopter, a boat, a  space ship and a possible glider.

The second strongest link to aliens discussed in the video below is our astronauts clearly seeing and reporting strange unidentified spacecraft in our skies.

Our previous article and video explains these astronaut sightings in more depth, and maybe explains why we stopped going to the moon.

Watch the video below and let us know your thoughts on this intriguing topic… are we truly alone?