5 Very Odd Videos Found Online Very Strange Indeed

5 Weird Videos That Were Filmed and Uploaded Online

This first strange video shows a city filled with skyscrapers in the sky, the video was taken by several people in China. The phenomenon was later seen by individuals in other parts of China. As you can see in the video below this was a very odd sight to behold. it only lasted a few minutes before disappearing.

Were they witnessing a parallel universe? What do you think?

The second is just plain weird! For some reason a guy named Benjamin Bennett has been taking videos of himself sitting and smiling for four hours straight. He then uploads the videos to YouTube. He never says a word and no explanation as to why he is doing this has been given other than it is an artistic project. He uploads a couple every week and there’s in excess of 170 videos and counting…

One video shows someone breaking into his apartment and yet he just ignores it… does anyone know why he does this?

The third video was uploaded to YouTube on May 9 2015. It’s title was binary code which translated to “death.” The video was riddled with clues and more codes… this story gets even weirder.

Number 4 may be just some lunatic..

Number 5 is an abandoned mine in Nevada. Very interesting indeed!

Watch the video below for full details…