4000 yr old skeleton

4,000 Year Old Teenager Remains Found in Ancient Burial Site In England

Exciting Discovery of 4,000 Year Old Human Remains from Bronze Age

Archaeologists have been excavating a site called Wilsford Henge just 15 miles from the famous Stonehenge standing stones in Wiltshire England. Wilsford Henge is an ancient circular earthworks and archeologists have been excavating the area for the past six weeks. The discovery of a 4,000 year old skeleton believed to be that a teenager, caused great excitement as they now hope examination of the remains will give us some clues to life in the Bronze Age. Testing of the teeth will help identify what part of the UK the person lived, what the typical diet of the Bronze Age was and much more.

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 Dr. Jim Leary archeologist of the University of Reading said:

‘The skeleton is a wonderful discovery which will help tell us what life was like for those who lived under the shadow of Stonehenge at a time of frenzied activity.

‘Scientific analysis will provide information on the gender of the child, diet, pathologies and date of burial. It may also shed light on where this young individual had lived.’

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The dig is part of a three year program to discover more about life during the Bronze Age, 4,000 years ago. The site is ten times that of Stonehenge. So far they have unearthed many artefacts including decorated pottery, copper bracelets, a Roman brooch and flint arrowheads.

The adolescent’s skeleton was found lying in the foetal position, on it’s side with it’s legs drawn up, arms were crossed. Also found on the skeleton was an amber necklace. Measuring just 4 feet 9 inches, the sex has yet to be determined.


Stonehenge Stonehenge was built 4,000 years ago during the Bronze Age, scientists are yet to discover the reason these massive stones were placed in a circle standing some 24 feet tall.

The surrounding area is mainly farmland and holds the clue as to what sort of life went on in Wiltshire during this time.

Hopefully further study on the skeletal remains will give us more information.

Meanwhile who knows what other exciting discoveries lie ahead from these ancient grounds.