25 Stupid Laws You Should Be Aware Of…or Else!

Insane, Stupid Laws That You probably Have Never Heard About…

We have all heard an odd law or two and scratched our heads wondering why on earth these laws were ever made. Some go way back and perhaps in their day there was some logic or reason to them, others well they are just plain screwy. Why do they remain a law and therefore if you are naughty and fail to obey it then you are in trouble with the police.

For example, did you see the image above? I sure hope you are not guilty of breaking that law by sitting on a giraffe’s neck and fishing in Illinois… if you are stop it now! It’s illegal.

How about this cute bunny picture…

Don't shoot the rabbit

Well I sure hope this¬† picture wasn’t taken in June in Wyoming otherwise it’s an illegal image! Yes siree, in Wyoming the season for rabbit picture taking is just July to May, they need a break from having their image taken in June, it’s the law!

Watch all 25 stupid laws that are still in effect to this day…

London England

It is Illegal to Die in The Houses of Parliament

It is illegal to die in the Houses of Parliament in London England. If you plan on visiting London and the Houses of Parliament, please have the courtesy to obey this law, refrain from dying until you at least exit the building… otherwise who knows what they will do to you!



Women need husbands permission to wear false teeth

Women in Vermont must have WRITTEN permission from their husband’s to wear false teeth! Seriously? In this day and age I am stunned this is still law…

Finally.. Pennsylvania..

It is illegal to sleep on a refrigerator outdoors in Pennsylvania

Okay people this is one you must stop doing! It is illegal to sleep on top of a refrigerator outdoors in Pennsylvania. I know this one can be incredibly tempting to do but please have some respect for the law and just don’t do it!

I will rest my case, these are stupid laws and I think it’s about time they were abolished so we can all enjoy these pastimes legally! Meanwhile just go easy and make sure you follow the laws of your State or country.. after all..who know what will happen if you do fish sitting on a giraffe’s neck…