Frankie and Louie

25 Strange But True Images You Probably Thought Were Photoshopped

Strange But True Images That Baffle us to Believe They Can Possibly Be True…

I am sure you have seen some images online that are definitely created by hoaxers, they have been Photoshopped or some other form of image editing software, image altered pictures. Here, however we bring to you 25 very weird images along with proof these images are in fact real and are NOT edited in any way.

Lets take a look at our featured image above. This image shows a two faced cat. Most people believe it is two cats melded into one using software such as Photoshop. Nope, this is just one cat, names Frank and Louie, and he err they lived to a good old age.

Here is a short video of Louie…

Now let’s look at the huge grizzly bear pictured at the dinner table…

Bruno the bearBruno the bear is definitely at the dinner table. Bruno has been raised in captivity and is used to being around people. He spends most of his time these days shooting television commercials and he was even best man at his owner’s wedding. Bruno is a gentle giant.


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How about the image of the mile high tennis match pictured below? Real or fake?

Andre Agassi and Roger Federer
Now this one definitely looks fake right? Actually.. no it is real! In February 2005 as a publicity stunt Andre Agassi and Roger Federer played a friendly match  on a helipad of  Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai that was converted to a tennis court for this occasion.

As Andre Agassi said of the experience of playing tennis on a platform several hundred feet in the air:

This was an absolutely amazing experience. When you first get over how high you are and start playing it’s an absolute joy and it was a great time. I had no issues with the height as long as I didn’t have to bungee jump off the side.



Sky TennisHotel image from For more images of this unique ‘tennis court’ read the full strange but true story on

Later in 2011  Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer  decided to up the ante and play a tennis match on a floating tennis court on a lagoon in Qatar.

Get the ball boy some scuba gear… Tennis stars Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer play match on floating court IN the Persian Gulf

Rafael Nadal and Roger FedererFlooded court doesn’t stop play: Spain’s Rafael Nadal (left) and Roger Federer of Switzerland warm up at the Westbay in Doha during an exhibition match to promote the city one day before the Qatar Open
Then there’s this enormous bunny wabbit, it has to be fake right? I certainly thought it was Photoshopped…
Bunny wabbit
How can a rabbit grow to be so big? It has to be fake.. but alas nope it is very real indeed. Enough to give kids nightmares… they are giant grey rabbits and this German breeder sells them to help feed the starving… poor wabbits.
giant rabbit
Origins:   The above-displayed photograph and accompanying information were taken from a 3 February 2006 New York Post article. The critter pictured is Herman, a German Giant hare belonging to German breeder Hans Wagner. The extraordinarily large hare weighs 17 lbs., measures 17 inches high on all fours, and stands over three feet tall on his hind legs.

According to the Post article:

To find out how unusual Wagner’s wabbit is, The Post contacted Six Bells Rabbitry in Arvada, Colo.”That’s a huge animal. That’s amazing,” said breeder Michelle Jones. “In the States, it’s hard to get them past 12 to 15 pounds.”How did German Giant get so big?”I don’t feed him an unusual diet,” said Wagner. “He goes through more than his brothers and sisters, but he eats the same food mix. His favorite food is actually lettuce. He can never get enough of it.”Herr Hare is unusual in another way, he noted. “Unlike some other rabbits I’ve had, he’s really a gentle character — a gentle giant.”

I guess the moral of this article is… when you see something that looks absurd and incredible.. do a bit of research first as you may be just a little bit surprised..  there were some strange but true images.