25 strange and disturbing things

25 Strange and Some Disturbing Unexplained Events

Very Weird and in Some Cases Very Disturbing Unexplained Events That Remain a Puzzle to This Day

Some very interesting unexplained phenomenon that scientists are struggling to understand and explain.

From detached human feet washing up on the shores of British Columbia Canada to the Marfa Lights in Texas.

Then there’s the mystery of the Mary Celeste, an American merchant ship that was found on December 4th 1872 under partial sail with no-one on board. One lifeboat was missing.  The last log date was ten days prior, nothing untoward was noted, her cargo was intact and the Captain and crews belongings were undisturbed…what happened? The crew were never seen again…

The placebo effect, why does it work? Space also has many unexplained events scientists puzzle over.

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