Area 51

25 Facts About Area 51 The Government Has Probably Suppressed

Area 51 – U.S. Air Force Facility in Nevada

Area 51 is known by many terms to the military but it was an area referred to as Area 51 by the CIA during the Vietnam war. This term has “stuck” with the public and media and now Area 51 is synonymous with UFO sightings and alleged Alien beings held in captivity there.

One of the intriguing mysteries about Area 51 is that it is top secret and the primary purpose is unknown although historical evidence has shown it is an area used to test experimental aircraft and weaponry.

There have been many reports in the area of unidentified flying objects – UFO’s, craft that travels at astonishing speed and without any noise leading to speculation we are being visited by aliens. It is also an area where you can witness unusual lights in the sky and other alleged paranormal or out-of-this world activities.

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Area 51

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