Unexplained human disappearances

15 Unexplained Human Disappearances, What Happened? Where Are They?

Dozens of Unexplained Human Disappearances Occur Every Year… Where do These People Go?

It’s easy to comprehend how someone can literally vanish off the face of the earth without trace, as there are a lot of hiding places if one doesn’t want to be found. However this video describes many unexplained human disappearances of whole villages, ships crew, three young girls out shopping and even a totally disabled man from the front of his house.

Shepton Mallet UK Paralyzed Man disappears From Outside His Home

Owen Parfitt was 60 yrs of age, from Shepton Mallet, Somerset England,  was paralyzed from a stroke and virtually unable to move on his own. On a warm summer’s evening in June 1763 Owen was sitting in front of his house in his nightshirt, sitting on his coat,  enjoying some fresh air. He was watching farm workers finishing off their day rowing in the hay.

Owen’s sister, Suzannah along with a neighbor went to bring him in at 7pm as a storm was brewing but he had vanished without trace. Only his coat remained.

Investigations into his unexplained disappearance failed to discover what had happened to Owen, his body was never found.

Click the video to see 15 Unexplained Human Disappearances and Decide for Yourself What Happened…

The Stonehenge Disappearances

Unexplained Human Disappearances StonehengeThen there’s the Stonehenge disappearance… this time in Wiltshire England on the Salisbury Plain, a group of “hippies” camped in the center of the mysterious circular arrangement of stones known as Stonehenge.

In 1971, the public had free access to Stonehenge, later it would be fenced off with limited access as it is a protected monument site.

The “hippies” built a campfire and allegedly smoked pot whilst singing around the fire.  A storm brew up and lightning bolts hit the area, some striking the standing stones.

Two witnesses to the unexplained disappearance, a farmer and a policeman reported the standing stones of Stonehenge were lit up with an intense blue light that was too powerful for them to look directly at..

Screams were heard from the hippies and the police officer and farmer rushed to the scene expecting to find some of the hippies dead from lightning bolts. But to their amazement they found nothing, there was no-one there. No remains, no clothing all that was left was a smoldering campfire, some tent pegs that were also smoldering but the hippies had mysteriously disappeared without trace.

Having been to Stonehenge myself, it is a very remote place surrounded by fields and farmland so it is impossible they could have left in any vehicle and gone unseen by the two witnesses.

What do you think happened? Were they abducted by UFO’s? Is there more to Stonehenge than we know or fully understand?