11 Very Disturbing and Weird Wiki Pages That Will Keep You Up At Night

11 Weird and Truly Disturbing Stories on Wikipedia


If you like to read about unusual deaths, disappearances and unexplained events then Wikipedia may be the source you need to be reading…

The 11 stories in the video below is enough to keep us awake at night. From poor Joyce Vincent who was found dead in her apartment, three years after her death.. to the black eyes children that roam to find their victims and even coffin birth.

These strange and odd stories can make you feel quite uncomfortable. Let’s look at one I find particularly abhorrent. When a person died in the 19th and early 20th centuries it was common practice in Europe and America to have photographs taken of the deceased loved ones.

This was termed Post-mortem photography or memorial portraiture.

The deceased were dressed and posed for photographs and it was not unusual for family members to gather with the deceased for a “family” portrait. I cannot imagine what these poor children were feeling when they were made to pose with their deceased sibling, my heart goes out to them but apparently death was commonplace and natural back then.

Oftentimes, these were the only images a family ever had of their loved ones.

Watch the video below for more strange Wiki pages that will keep you awake at night…