10 Scariest Ghosts Caught on Camera

10 Scariest Ghostly Encounters Caught on Camera

Real Ghosts Caught on Video

Anyone that is into ghosts and the paranormal knows that to actually catch on camera what you witness is not that easy. Here are 10 creept ghostly videos that you can watch to make your own decision on whether they are real or not.

I have to say I particularly liked the last one, as it involved one very scared dog. Animals have amazing hearing and they can see things that we cannot with our naked eyes. This dog went into hiding and barely came out for over an hour. Something seriously disturbed him when his owner was out. Watch the video and decide if you would want to live in his house, I for one sure wouldn’t! Take your pets and run!!

The Gettysburg ghosts are quite infamous, seen by many, many visitors to Gettysburg, the site of a very bloody Civil War massace. So many young soldiers died there it’s no wonder it’s the most haunted area of the United States.

Watch the 10 scariest ghosts caught on camera video below now…