10 Highly Disturbing Reports of Feral Children

Feral Children, Children Raised Without Love, Care or Attention

Just like feral cats or dogs a feral child is a child that has lived away from human contact from a very young age. Feral children have no language to communicate with, they have no experience of human care, love or attention.

Sadly, feral children can be kids that ran away at a very young age but also children kept like animals by their parents who rejected them for whatever reason. Many feral children were found caged and experienced abuse and severe trauma.

This video depicts the stories of ten cases of feral children.

Vanya a child found living with his mother in an “aviary” environment. His mother had nothing whatsoever to do with him and he was quite literally raised by the birds. His only form of communication was chirping and flapping his arms.

It’s disgusting that children can be so mistreated.. sadly there are probably many more feral children … watch this video report now!